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Does NFL History and NFL Trivia Interest you? This site was created to be a fun place where you can learn about the game of football and your favorite NFL teams. Besides NFL Trivia and history we cover yearly stats, NFL records, NFL teams history, NFL Hall of Fame, Super Bowl History, NFL Rules, current news, nfl draft, team chronology, standings, and much more. Whether a novice or a seasoned veteran, this is the site for you! 

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I hope this site will help you learn more about the game of American football. We have easy to find info on the history of the game, the evolution of pro football, the history of the NFL including other leagues like the AFL, AAFC, WFL, USFL and  XFL. Learn basics from Football 101 or the NFL Rules page that includes all NFL officials signals. Quickly access the results of all Super Bowls, the teams that played, the location and the Super Bowl MVP's.
See every member of the Hall of Fame listed by the year  inducted, a list of  Top 10 NFL records & Top 10 record holders. Feel free to leave comments through the Guestbook page.
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popular social networks with your friends. Enjoy the NFL Trivia section and test your knowledge. I will expand and change the quizzes as we go along.
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